Welcome Art Lovers!
Let me introduce myself, who I am today and where I came from...
My name is Wilco (Wilhelmus) Vercoelen and I was born in Eindhoven the Netherlands known as the city of lights ('Lichtstad'). I grew up and lived a large part of my life in a small village nearby called Son & Breugel.
My education and work was in Electronics/IT. After working shortly in the States and were I met my current wife, we lived in western part of the Netherlands but returning in to Son & Breugel after a few years.
I married my lovely wife Marjolein en received a beautiful gift/daughter called Lisa.

In 2005 we immigrated as a small family to Barrie, Ontario Canada were we lived for approximately 14 years. During my enjoyable time in Canada as successful business owner in Solar Energy I discovered a new passion, the passion for the arts!
I was inspired by the life of Vincent van Gogh, and started painting after seeing the television series 'A house for Vincent' ("Een huis voor Vincent"). A decision that has profoundly changed my life. I sensed something special and became enthusiastic about oil painting and fine arts.

Now we live in Almelo, a small town in the Eastern Holland were I continue to enjoy painting. Up until now I do not have an education in arts or followed and courses however I would love to start doing so.

Slowly I am changing the way I look at the world through the eyes of a painter; the composition, the light and shadows, harmony, colors, the details and so much more.

If you do like my work and would like to do me a commission painting, please contact me below.
All my important original oil painting are now on sale and listed on Etsy - WilcoVercoelenArt.

...The life of a painter never stops beyond and continues to surprise and evolve into even greater things...


Note: All my important original oil painting are now on sale and listed on Etsy - WilcoVercoelenArt.


The Dutch Golden Age

Rembrandt - Hals - Ruysdael - Vermeer

The Impressionists

Van Gogh - Mauve - Maris - Roelofs - Sargaint - Boldini

The Modern Age



Past Showings

Barrie Art Club, Barrie, ON

March 2017 - Exhibition LeLouvre Barrie Art Club - 12 paintings

July/August 2016 - Exhibition LeLouvre 15 paintings

October 2015 - Amish Farmer

September 2015 - Halve Maen New Amsterdam

July 2015 - The Wolf and the seven little goats

June 2015 - Cows in the shade - PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD

May 2015 - Picnic

April 2015 - Reflection

January 2015 - Sunset over Barrie

Dutch Entries

Dutch Painting Contest 'schilderij van het jaar 2018'

Dutch Painting Contest 'schilderij van het jaar 2017'

Dutch Painting Contest 'schilderij van het jaar 2016'

Dutch Painting Contest 'van Gogh Wedstrijd 2015'

The Edge Gallery, Barrie, ON

October 2015 - Nine paintings

Barrie City Hall Rotunda, Barrie, ON

April 2017 - Barrie City Hall Rotunda - Home - Second Place Winner

April 2015 - The Shepherd


Wilco Vercoelen
Almelo, The Netherlands
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


Almelo, Hengelo, Enschede, Amsterdam, Eindhoven
Barrie, Midland, Collingwood, Toronto, Vaughan

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Etsy - WilcoVercoelenArt.